The next step is the assembling of InMoov!

The time for the second step has come – the assembling!

In the previous article The building of InMoov started! we presented the first stage of creating the new addition to our team, namely InMoov!

Since then, the work has not stopped and the progress is great! SmartFabLab is the place where the InMoov 3D parts are printed, because they are our sponsor of materials. The countless hours of printing, which have been provided by them have helped us to develop the project more quickly than we expected.

At the same time, the team involved in this project is increasing, which helps speed up the process. Each of the newcomers adds extraordinary energy and a new charge to speed up the ongoing work of our future assistant on the path to discovering young talents in the field of robotics. It’s interesting how he did his job even before he even had a face!

Thanks to all the enthusiasm of the team, assembling begins before all parts are ready, so it will take place in SmartFabLab.

You can see both the new printed parts and the beginning of the assembly on the pictures in the gallery! The robot’s ears are ready as well as many other parts of the robot. The last photos clearly show how the fingers of his left hand are taking shape of real ones.

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