The building of InMoov started!

The newest robot, which will become a part of the team of Student Club “Robotics” at the Technical University of Sofia will be in a humanoid one. It will aim to inspire and support the training of more and more students, and to start lighting them with robotics. That is why he will be our assistant on the road to a more advanced technological future.

We will use the open source software and hardware of the InMoov project. The project itself started successfully a few weeks ago thanks to SmartFabLab and its sponsored 3D print media, as well as the printsheet provided and the dozens of hours it is already taking. The first parts of InMoov are already printed!


Here are the first 3D printed parts, which later will be assembled to form the hardware (or the body) of the InMoov robot. On the photos you can see parts of the left hand of our future assistant.

It can also be seen how much fun the club members have during this first stage of the project.

The hard work in SmartFabLab will continue during the next weeks.

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